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A selection of my songs

Men Have To Sing Love Songs

It is often easier to sing something than to say it.

Songbirds Sing to Keep Warm

The title may not be true, I may have imagined that I heard it on a radio science program.

Coffee Monster

Are those coffee beans on the floor or something more sinister?

A short song inspired by coffee beans, Dr Seuss and Ivor Cutler

First Sunny Day of Summer

I wrote a happy summer song when it was still raining, and then the sun came out so I had to record it in case the weather changed. Feel free to sing along and wear a Caftan if the mood takes you.

Shooting Stars

Shooting stars are one of the most magical things to watch. It’s partly the uncertainty that makes it so absorbing. Lying in the darkness waiting for the next one to appear can take seconds or minutes. It’s a lovely way to spend an August evening with someone.
I recorded the song simply so you can imagine lying in the darkness being serenaded by an acoustic guitar as you watch the sky and wait for the fireworks to begin.

Food Romance

I realised that most of the milestones of my relationship seem to involve food, so I wrote this song about it.
Recorded with blue Snowball mic and Yamaha FG700MS Acoustic

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