Songs from the room at the bottom of the garden

As I’m not playing live much at the moment I have started a weekend live stream. The aim is to play 4 or 5 new songs each time with the occasional request. Here are the first six.

Next episode at 11.30 on Sunday

Episode 1
Jetpacks Monorails and Ray Guns
Not for Softies
Food Romance
Primrose Hill
Episode 2
Rainy Day at the seaside
Seaside Town
The Bar’s Still Here
Broken Smile
The Year I Hitchhiked down to Rome

Episode 3
Almost the Great Romance
Bed and Breakfast
Rolling Up the Sleeping Bags
If I didn’t Love you so Much
Episode 4
Best Year Yet
Coffee Monster
Shooting Stars
When I was Immortal
Songbirds Sing to Keep Warm
Episode 5
City of Lights (Searching for Street Art in Paris)
Club Fifty-Nine
Dig Beneath the Dust
If You Want to Stay Warm
“Friend” he said “We’re Growing Old”
Episode 6
Space Dogs
Tell me a Story
When I Grow Old
Stiff Upper Lip
The Boy in Red Canvas Shoes
Episode 7
She grows the best roses in Paris
Do you care enough to fail?
If I turned into a Beetle
Only see the sun, when it goes away.
Let’s call Monday “Sheep Day”


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