Songs from the room at the bottom of the garden

As I’m not playing live much at the moment I have started a weekend live stream. The aim is to play 4 or 5 new songs each time with the occasional request.

There are now Ten for you to watch. Last updated 12 December 2020

Next episode at 11.30 on Sunday

Episode 1
Jetpacks Monorails and Ray Guns
Not for Softies
Food Romance
Primrose Hill
Episode 2
Rainy Day at the seaside
Seaside Town
The Bar’s Still Here
Broken Smile
The Year I Hitchhiked down to Rome

Episode 3
Almost the Great Romance
Bed and Breakfast
Rolling Up the Sleeping Bags
If I didn’t Love you so Much
Episode 4
Best Year Yet
Coffee Monster
Shooting Stars
When I was Immortal
Songbirds Sing to Keep Warm
Episode 5
City of Lights (Searching for Street Art in Paris)
Club Fifty-Nine
Dig Beneath the Dust
If You Want to Stay Warm
“Friend” he said “We’re Growing Old”
Episode 6
Space Dogs
Tell me a Story
When I Grow Old
Stiff Upper Lip
The Boy in Red Canvas Shoes
Episode 7
She grows the best roses in Paris
Do you care enough to fail?
If I turned into a Beetle
Only see the sun, when it goes away.
Let’s call Monday “Sheep Day”
Episode 8
All I really need to be happy
Go to sleep my darling
Will we remember
Food Romance
Episode 9
The Quiet Hunt
Who are you pretending to be today
Unicorns and Superheroes
Episode 10
Too tall for the mosh pit
Blue Cheese
Are We Nearly There Yet
Happy Now
Primrose Hill

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