It’s becoming routine, the same place every week
He gets lucky on Friday,  then they fall asleep
Next day at half past sober He tells his friend  
I don’t want to  twist
I don’t want to turn
I’ve got sunscreen
I’m not going to burn
I don’t want one-night stands
I want olidays,olidays, olidays
To share picnics in the park
I want to fall in love before it’s dark
Don’t want one-night stands
I want olidays

His  friend takes a drink and puts down his phone
I often feel like that,  you’re not alone
He leans against the bar, together they sing

Now in a Hollywood film, The whole room would cheer
Raise their glasses, and all move near
They would be chanting, and dancing and waving and
Olidays olidays olidays

But this is England  
He’s not in a film
So people  tutted
He felt gutted and embarrassed
But then he started to whisper
Olidays, olidays, olidays

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