Nick improvedNick Haynes lives in “Sunny” Southampton. Southampton isn’t always sunny although in Nick’s head it usually is.

Nick is known by many as “BigNick” as his mic stand in normally set to “tall bloke” setting. His official height according to his passport is 1.99 meters and he often wonders if the government would send round the guys with dark glasses and gun shaped bulges if he sneaked another centimetre onto the form so he could have the full 2 meters.
He describes his style of music as “Happy Retro” a sound which normally involves bouncy chords on a solo electric guitar, think Billy Bragg on a sunny day when the government are being nice to people.
He also has a slightly darker side. “Club59” tells the story of a nightclub down a dark side street in the scary part of town. “Wolves” is about the scavengers who lurk in human form and pounce when they spot human weakness.  “If I turned into a beetle”, probably his most popular live song at the moment imagines how lovers and friends would react if he was transformed overnight,  Kafka style, into a giant insect.

He enjoys Radio Four, farmers’ markets and occasional walks on the wild side.   He has recently enjoyed writing prose in the third person.