I’m making a set of mini CDs with my songs on them and giving them out when I play live. Each CD contains at least two songs and there will be six of them. Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue and Purple. The CDs are called the Rainbow sessions (Indigo and Violet are combined to make the purple CD).

I chose this format as it is easy to stick in the pocket and it’s more fun for me putting out a couple of songs at a time rather than waiting until I have recorded a dozen or so. It’s also a bit of a treasure hunt to see if you can get a set. You should only play it in a drawer loading CD player. If you don’t have one then you can listen to the tracks on You Tube below.

The Orange CD contains 1. Jetpacks, Monorails and Rayguns and 2. Space Dogs . Yellow will be out soon.

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1. Jetpacks, Monorails and Rayguns

2. Space Dogs

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