Primrose Hill

Primrose Hill    5.45

Couple eating cupcakes in the morning light

They only met last night but still he knows

This man is different

It’s springtime, on Primrose Hill


Looking over London you can see the BT tower

Looking over London the misty sky climbs away,

Climbs away, climbs away


Couple lying on the grass in the afternoon sun

Watching the city having fun, sharing wine

Sharing time

It’s Summer time, on Primrose Hill


Couple watching fireworks on a cold dark night

He says Guy Fawkes was right, the city glows

Sulphur in the air

It’s autumn, on Primrose Hill


Couple walks a dog in the morning snow

London sparkles below, it’s almost a year

Since they first met here

It’s winter, on Primrose Hill



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